Why VQ?

Belong to an organization with a mission to make the world a better place for young people and their families. With a career at VQ you can contribute to rebuilding lives and create a lasting impact on future generations. 


Community & Collaboration, A Team Effort 


Experience the rewarding nature of a career in working with children, youth and families in a culture that values collaboration and growth.  We are seeking ethically grounded people with a professional desire to serve others in their communities. You will have the opportunity to make a limitless impact in the life of a young person. 

Opportunity for Career Advancement and Growth 


VQ promotes a diverse culture where we foster growth in the youth we serve, and are committed to the advancement of the people that make our company exceptional. 



>> Unique opportunities for helping youth. <<

>> Unlimited growth potential. <<

>> Passionate people. <<

>> Challenging & rewarding environment. <<


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Job Listings

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